This gathering will offer a space for:

FOAT Connections: Time to connect within ourselves and with each other.

FOAT Applications: We would like to provide a way to share the many wonderful ways that many of you are carrying FOAT forward into your professional/personal lives. The goal is to share the various applications…  to nourish and be nourished through the exchange. We plan to record each presentation so that they can all be viewed at a later time. 

FOAT Needs and Vision: We would like to know what you are needing to support you in FOAT; and also what you may wish/envision for the FOAT Institute. 

Registration and Donation:

Everyone is welcome to attend Free. If you are in a comfortable financial position, donations to the Focusing and Expressive Arts Institute are appreciated to support its expenses and scholarship offerings. Please click the button next to your choice to register for this meeting.

For those interested in presenting:

Once you have completed your registration, please click here for information about submitting your proposal.